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【J-Entry(Japan Market Entry)Service Launch】


Would you like to expand your business to Japan?

Have you found your local partners?

We appreciate your consideration of Japan for your next business destination. Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and a very attractive market. However, finding your strategic partners in Japan is very difficult for most overseas companies.

It is always very important to ensure the right message is communicated to your prospective partners, but this can be extremely difficult in Japan. There are significant differences in culture and ways to communicate. We provide hands-on business support for you to ensure you are sending the right message to the right partner at the right time. From sourcing business partners to the refinement of your messaging, we will support you end-to-end.

We have a large network and wide range of business partners in Japan and around the world including :- Corporations– Innovation/ Science parks – Universities – Accelerators  – Hospitals – Banks – Venture Capital Firms – Angel investors – Media (TV, online news, newspapers, etc) -Offices / Co-working spaces and more.

Please contact us. We would like to welcome you to Japan and collaborate with you on ‘innovations for a healthier life’.

Japan Market Entry [J Entry]

1. Advice for entering Japan Market

2. Introduction to the executives, decision makers in the major corporations in Japan

3. Supporting for establishing the subsidiary in Japan

4. Supporting for finding the office in Japan

5. Supporting for Sales and Marketing in Japan

6. Supporting for recruting CXO and employees in Japan

7. Supporting for Open Innovation with large Japanese companies

8. Exit Plan (M&A, IPO in Japan)



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